Boomerang Data Recovery Software for Windows Users Guide

This guide offers fundamental instructions for the installation and use of the program.

How Do I Recover Lost Windows Data from PC

Boomerang is an extremely easy data recovery software program to use. This guide offers fundamental instructions for the installation and use of the program.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Installing and Running Boomerang

To install Boomerang for Windows, visit or any other major download site. Boomerang comes with an installer, just double-click the installer to install.

WARNING! Don’t install this program, or any other, to the partition that contains deleted data you want to recover!

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Boomerang to a supported operating system and launch the application, you’ll see the following window:

Boomerang data recovery main screen

On this particular system, there is one hard drive with one partition.
Please note that your system will show different drives available than the one here in this demo.

Select the drive or partition you wish to scan for files and click ‘Recover It!’
(Note: If the device you want to recover does not appear here, then you need to make sure that it’s enabled from Device Manager and that any/all necessary drivers are installed, and that the device us usable from Windows.)

Boomerang Data recovery hard drive select

If the partition you want to recover does not appear, then select the device (the hard drive, for example) and click ‘Recover It!’, this will enable you to search for the missing partition.

HINT: At any time you can register or place an order for Boomerang by clicking the option icons at the top of the application.

Boomerang register buttons
gray background

1.1 Advanced Options

You can adjust your results by changing the ‘advanced recovery’ options.

FAT Advanced Options

Boomerang data recovery fat settings

NTFS Advanced Options

Boomerang Data recovery hard drive ntfs

Advanced Settings Common

Boomerang Data recovery advanced settings

When clicking “Recover It” you have the option of including a File Types scan. This is..

Boomerang include file type

If you click Yes, you will be presented with the File Types screen.

Boomerang Data Recovery add file type screen

By clicking  007b-addfiletype-min you can create types of files that Boomerang doesn’t know about.

Boomerang Data Recovery add file type

Select a file type you wish to add:

Boomerang Data Recovery Selecting file

007a-maxfilesize-min The Maximum File Size for deleted files. This option tells Boomerang the maximum file size to look for on deleted files, if you have larger files, you should increase this setting. It may increase your scan time.

During the scan, you will see progress..

Boomerang Data Recovery Scanning

It is not recommended to cancel the scan, if you do you maybe missing part of your data on the next screen.

Boomerang Cancelling

After the scan, you will see a list of files with various options avaialbe including search, regular/lost files, preview, etc.

Boomerang Data Recovery File View

Clicking the preview file, you can view images and also text:

boomerang preview button

For example, here is a preview of a picture called “Blue hills.jpg”

Boomerang Data recovery Preview

The search box can find a specific file you are looking for, only if Boomerang knows the file name. Some files may be missing the file names.

data recovery searchbox

If you don’t find the data you are looking for, try scanning your disk/partition using different settings. See how to improve results at the beginning of this help document (advanced settings).

data recovery back devices

You will need to purchase an Activation Number to save your files.

Boomerang Data recovery activation required

Now you can save your files to the location you choose. Make sure to recover your data to an different location than you are recovering from. My using “My Network Places” you can save to a remote FTP location or shared volume.

Boomerang Data recovery save location

Boomerang will begin saving your data.

Boomerang progress save

Once you see this message, your recovery is completed. Check your data for integrity. If it’s not good, then you might want to go back and scan your drive/partition a different way using the Advanced Options.

Boomerang installation save